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What draws you to Carmel?

For many, the weather and the proximity to unbelievable natural beauty are what stand out about Carmel. However, we like to think there’s something else that’s so special to this little slice of heaven on earth – the community itself!

The people of Carmel and the local businesses are truly irreplaceable parts of what makes the community here unique.

For this reason, we decided to ask the shop owners here at The Crossroads Carmel why they love Carmel so much and they did not disappoint in their responses!

quote 6Reason #1: The people

“It’s…charm and the people – love the people.” – Ashleigh Hutchinson, The Annex Carmel

For those who call Carmel home, they often name the people as the reason that the community is so unforgettable. No matter what you’re into, there’s sure to be others in the community who are just as impassioned. If you’re looking for families to join your weekly soccer games, eager beach enthusiasts, a hiking group, or fellow foodies, Carmel has it all!

“This area is home. It [has]… all types of artists, a dog-friendly atmosphere, family-oriented, surfer bums, adventurous/outdoor types, fashionistas, award-winning restaurants, and wine purveyors. We have it all,” says Kristen McIntyre, McIntyre Vineyards/McIntyre Tasting Studio.

If you’re new to the community and looking for ways to make more connections, we recommend checking out a Carmel-focused Meetup group or Facebook Group. These virtual communities are a good way to start engaging in conversations with fellow locals. 

Reason #2: The local sceneryquote 7

”What’s not to love? [The] scenery can’t be beat, activities for everyone, fine dining, and — of course — great wines.” – Donna Lee, Taste Morgan

We think reason #2 is pretty self-explanatory – all you have to do is take a look outside! No matter where you are in Carmel, there’s sure to be a visual treat within your immediate eye line. Glimpses of the beach, beautiful vegetation and rolling hills make it hard to find a spot with poor visuals.

Carmel Pilates & Personal Training owner Marcy Curry and The Big Squeezy’s Ash Shoukry agree: they both highlighted the natural beauty of the local landscape and the fresh air as some of the biggest draws to Carmel.

There’s a reason why many locals claim Carmel is the “most beautiful place to live on earth.”

quote 5Reason #3: The uniqueness of the local business community

“We love the unique businesses and scarcity of chain stores. We love how the beauty of the land is reflected in the beauty of the spirit of Carmel locals.” – Heather Aldi, Zearly and Metronome Dancewear

It makes sense that business owners love the business community in Carmel! In shopping centers like The Crossroads Carmel, you’ll find an emphasis on helping local boutiques find a place to call home. If your business is not quite ready for a full-time storefront, you’ll still find a lot of local support for pop-up events, partnerships, and mobile stores.

Businesses in the area can also join organizations like the Carmel Chamber of Commerce as a way to stay up-to-date on business regulations, trends, and network with other business owners. 

Reason #4: Everything!quote 3

“I love the location, the ambiance, the people, the weather, everything is so much better than I had first imagined. I have worked at three different locations in and around Monterey, and Carmel is by far the very best.” – Yongsun Kim-Mcvannel, Yongsun’s Beauty Hair Salon

As you can see, the Carmel community is so wonderful due to so many different factors. It can be hard to choose just one reason to love this city. It’s truly a mix of the people, the community, the location, and the support for local businesses that make it a one-of-a-kind place.

Brad Weber of Weber Goldsmith Gallery moved to Carmel from Maui and immediately felt the connection: “I love that after one month of moving here from Maui, I felt like I was home and could see raising my kids here and growing old in this community.” Isn’t that incredible he felt that way after living here just one month?

We’re so thankful that we’re able to call this place home!

quote 2What do you love about Carmel?

We couldn’t have said it better than the owners of Consignment by the Sea: “We love the weather, the beach, the casual lifestyle, and of course all the friendly people.”

Let us know what you love about Carmel by sending us a message on Facebook or on Instagram! We want to help share the reasons that the local community loves Carmel.