There’s no question that the way people travel has changed over the course of the last few years. Here are our predictions for the future of travel and how vacations are starting to look different nowadays.

Travel Agents Are Trending

Believe it or not, travel agents are making a major comeback. According to research from Travelport, 39% of young travelers ages 18-38 are now more likely to use a travel agency to book their trip. Many travelers have found benfits in working with a travel agency because of their local insights on health and safety guidelines and also for their ability to change a ticket if needed.

Workcations Are On The Rise

Having worked remotely for the last few years, many workers have decided to take their work with them on vacation. A spokesperson for predicts a continued rise in workcations. Because of the trend, they have introduced a Work-Friendly Program that highlights lodging properties that have free and reliable WiFi and a dedicated work space in the room.

Ethical Tourism Is More Important Than Ever

Although this isn’t necessarily new, many travelers have opted to support local tourism and hospitality. By choosing to stay in local hotels, eat at local restaurants, and buy from local shops, travelers can support the economy of the areas they visit.

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