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Support Small business: How Local Stores Benefit the Community

Think about all the times you have gone on vacation. There is always one thing you never miss: the local shopping.

When we visit a new town, it’s always interesting to experience the local culture. Sometimes we forget that we can explore new local experiences right in our own communities. 

Over the last several years, a movement has begun to support small businesses. Many towns have started “shop local” days to assist businesses in their communities. More and more people are beginning to support small business ventures.

Here are eight reasons why small businesses matter. 

1. Local Products and Services

One of the many small business benefits is the fact that small businesses in your community tend to buy local. Local restaurants may use local farmers as part of their supply chain. 

Local businesses tend to hire local architects, use local banks or credit unions, hire local people as employees, and contribute to local events in town. According to the American Independent Business Alliance, in relation to large chain stores, local businesses triple the recirculation of revenue in the community.

This recirculation of wealth goes back to the community and provides many long-standing benefits. 

  • Locally made products can bring customers from other areas in the form of tourism
  • Local businesses can provide funding for local sports teams, fundraisers, and local charities
  • Local businesses increase the charm of a hometown

Many local businesses create products that aren’t found anywhere else, adding to the overall value of the town. 

2. Creates Local Jobs

When you buy local and shop at small businesses, you support job creation in your hometown. Many local stores will hire local people. When people work locally, they shop in town.

The money they spend helps support the local economy. They may grab lunch or dinner at a local restaurant, buy gifts at local shops, or have a coffee at the local cafe. When people work local and shop local, it creates a tight-knit community. 

3. Can Improve Your Health

When you buy food from local farmers, you know where your fruits, veggies, and meats are sourced. They are less likely to have chemicals or pesticides. Your chances of eating grass-fed or free-range chicken are much higher, and eggs will be much fresher. 

Not only that, when you buy local honey, there also are medicinal effects that can help protect against allergies

When eating at local restaurants, many will choose to get their food locally sourced, providing a double dose of quality nutrients that you may not receive at a large chain restaurant. 

4. Maintains Local Character and Pride

Local businesses add a certain charm to a small town. If you’ve ever walked down the main street and shopped at local stores that line the center of a small town, you’ll have an idea of what that charm feels like. 

Local businesses provide a unique character that can’t be replicated when compared to towns that only have large chain stores. It instills a sense of pride in the local shoppers, diners, and employees that live in the town. 

Small businesses can take on the identity of a town and create a small-town vibe even in larger communities. Buying products from people you know in town gives you a feeling that you are supporting a family on your block, and that feels good. 

5. Better Customer Service

If you’ve ever walked into a small mom and pop shop, you’ll notice one thing right away. They appreciate your business. They don’t appreciate it in the pushy sales way either. 

When people own business where they live, they understand that they are selling to friends, neighbors, even family. That provides a different level of service that you can’t get at a big retail store. 

The customer is valued on a business level, but also on a personal level. Small business owners are looking for repeat business, and treat you as a valued customer from your first purchase through your last. 

6. Better Public Services

Local stores usually mean better public services. With more money going back to the community, it can create better schools, transportation, and other local services. 

Most local shops will support little league teams and other sporting events. When an area has good schools, recreation, and other public services, they become desirable places to live, which can increase home values. 

7. Supports Entrepreneurial Spirit

When local businesses feel supported, it provides a spark for others to create a business of their own. That adds to the diversity and competition, which can help lower prices for goods and services. 

When families grow up around local businesses, it doesn’t seem scary to start a business of their own. Community support for local businesses can motivate others to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit. 

8. Environmental Benefits

When towns support local businesses, they can provide environmental benefits to the community. With local stores clustered together, it creates a town made for walking. 

Family’s may leave the car at home on the weekend and go for a bike ride or walk instead. That can cut down on carbon emissions for the town. 

Local town centers can protect and preserve sensitive areas from town. As more people shop in a small area, there is more space for parks and other important ecological lands.  

Support Small Business

We encourage you to support small business by visiting The Crossroads Carmel. There are a host of small businesses that are perfect for any family. From clothing and gift shops and restaurants to gyms and healthcare, we have it all waiting right here for you. 

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