Check out our 2021 Spring/Summer Shopping Guide!

The buzz in the air has to do with more than just the bees – our annual Spring/Summer Shopping Guide has officially launched! In this edition of our popular digital guide, you’re sure to find all the latest information on our boutiques, restaurants, store owners, and recipes to try at home.

Before diving into what goodies you’ll find within the shopping guide, The Crossroads Carmel team wanted to share some insider information about the production of the shopping guide! Our team always enjoys working on putting together this digital experience for you and we’re excited to let you in on the production side of things.

Is that a Pup or a Statue?

When we visited European Jewelers, our eyes were immediately drawn to a fluffy and very realistic looking dog. As we got closer, we realized that this pup was no fake – it was Luie in the flesh! This fun-loving pet greeted us with kisses and tail wags. Once the greetings were over, the humans of the shop came out to showcase beautiful jewelry pieces (which you can see in the guide) and even dressed up Luie – their unofficial model.

Lunchtime Decisions

As the locals know, there are endless options when it comes to lunchtime cuisine at The Crossroads Carmel. While photographing options for our “Good Bites” spread for the guide, we eventually decided we needed to fuel up to continue our day. Next on our list was The Crossroads BBQ. As we stepped in, employee Adrian was kind enough to help us navigate their mouthwatering menu and ordered us brisket, a salad, mac-n-cheese, and The Gaucho. Once we saw and bit into The Gaucho, there was no doubt Adiran guided us well. While we were also able to snap pictures of our feast (which you can see on page 20 of the guide), we did devour The Gaucho. The meat, cheese, chimichurri, and grilled onions satisfied even the hungriest of our team and we left telling a family in line – you gotta order The Gaucho!

What else is in the 2021 Spring/Summer Shopping Guide?

We hope these behind-the-scenes stories helped demonstrate the fun and love that goes into this guide.The Crossroads Carmel team couldn’t be more proud to share this edition of our annual shopping guide with you today.

The guide includes some favorites – such as interviews with shop owners and must-try-at-home recipes. We’re serving up exclusive discussions with MYO and Tops N Travel, and sharing the latest tips on maintaining a healthy body and mind. And don’t worry – we didn’t forget your furry best friend! The resident pet experts at The Crossroads Carmel not only share their best caregiving tips, but we also shine a spotlight on the best places to find The Crossroads Carmel pets “working” (or should we say lounging) alongside their owners!

For long-time readers, we have added in a brand new section called “Scavenger Hunt.” Our 6 treks are your surefire way to discover what you love at The Crossroads Carmel. From a tasty treats path to a what-to-wear guide, our scavenger hunts make it easy for you to find old favorites and get to know new stores too. Be sure to let us know via social media if you’ve tried out any of our scavenger hunt options.

It’s time to Spring into Summer

Are you ready to embrace what the next months have to offer? “Spring into Summer” with The Crossroads Carmel by downloading your FREE copy of our digital shopping guide today!