Spring Color Trends of 2023 and How to Style Them


Scientifically speaking, spring is the most delightful part of any year. The weather is beautiful, the daylight lasts longer, and you can spend more time outside. Your mood will also be better than ever and you’ll become more creative.

Spring fashion is another great highlight of the season. Read on to learn about some 2023 spring color trends so you can get in on the top styles and colors of the year.

Capsule Wardrobes and Neutral Hues

In the past, people needed to shop for new clothes every few months to keep up with new trends. These “micro-trends” made it really hard to build up a top-notch wardrobe. Everything you bought would become obsolete within just a few months, so it was hard to see the point of staying in vogue.

Luckily, that’s changing this spring. Micro-trends are out and capsule wardrobes are very in.

Capsule wardrobes are made up of a small number of pieces that complement each other when worn together. The collection is limited, so your wardrobe variety will come from creating new pairings of clothes.

These capsule wardrobes are mostly made up of neutral hues. Blacks, whites, grays, and beiges are popular, which means that they’re going to be a current trend this spring. Get a mix of light and dark colors and various textures for your capsule wardrobe.

Whether you want blazers or jeans, there’s a capsule-wardrobe-friendly option available to you.

Get bright accessories like scarves and bags to add a pop of color to your daily look. Debra C always has great accessories to choose from. This monochromatic minimalism will make you look slick, chic, and stylish.

Pastels are also great for springtime capsule wardrobe accessories… and on their own, too.

Pretty Pastels: A Springtime Classic

While capsule wardrobes are great, you’re going to need some colorful outfits for brighter spring days. Pastels are hardly a new concept for springtime style, people are now using saturated pastel tints to make a statement.

These tints may cover the entirety of a stylishly-cut dress, skirt, blouse, or pants. However, they’re increasingly becoming… well, tints. They go well with otherwise neutral outfits and add that springtime flair to any wardrobe combination.

You can experiment with pastels on a wide variety of outfits. Consider something asymmetrical or sleeveless if you want to look as modern and gorgeous as possible.

Pair pastel clothes with black and white bags and heavy statement jewelry. They’ll provide great contrast with the airy and light nature of the pastel hues you love.

Green as a Growing Trend

Kelly green, a color that looked just like the springtime grass and stems of blooming flowers, was in vogue for many years. However, it’s now being traded out for a more muted green that borders on yellow.

This “zesty green” is essentially neon yellow with a greenish tint just as much as it’s a quieter and more subdued version of green grass. A cross between the two colors, it pairs well with both yellow and green shoes, scarves, and bags.

You can also pair it with brown boots or scarves to create a natural look. Brown brings out the best in any green hue so that it can pop in the right way.

Crossroads stores like SHE will help you find upscale clothes and accessories in the neutral hues that go best with your favorite green outfits. You also can find great bright-colored dresses, blazers, and more.

Metallic Colors

Metallic clothes are generally considered a winter trend, but they’re transforming into a spring one, too. They’re effortlessly elegant and have a quiet sophistication that look great for every occasion.

Many pieces use metallics without making them the center of the outfit. A pink dress with a metallic gold trim, for example, will look extremely sophisticated with rose gold jewelry. Black blouses with metallic gold or silver stitching also are classy and beautiful.

If you want to live loudly and make a statement, though, you can get outfits that are fully made with metallic hues. Bouncy metallic chenille is stretchy and glowing. Sequin-studded shirts and similar garments can help you shine on a night out this spring.

It’s especially awesome to get metallic outfits in traditional springtime colors. Robin’s-egg blue looks great when it shimmers, as do pastel pink and pale yellow.

Metal jewelry also has a gorgeous metallic sheen, and it’s a classic way to spruce up any outfit. Match your metal with the color of your metallic clothing.

Warm colors look awesome with golden jewelry while cool colors look great with silver options. Still, you can create some contrast with mixing and matching, so experiment a bit!

Funky Florals in New Styles

Florals are hardly a new trend in springtime fashion. They’re a classic that never goes out of style. But 3D florals are a specific kind of adornment that’s all the rage in 2023, and they can make a huge difference in your spring closet.

3D floral fabric is an embellished fabric that has embroidered flowers across its surface. However, it creates a three-dimensional special effect by embroidering the blooms specifically on top of a mesh or tulle base. The end result is a flower that looks raised over the fabric sitting underneath the embroidered tulle.

You can also accentuate the 3D flowers with other floral accessories. Handbags with matching flower prints are a great choice. Flower-shaped earrings or charm necklaces will also pack a subtle but gorgeous punch.

Shop for 2023 Spring Color Trends

Now that you know some 2023 spring color trends and how to style them, it’s time to start shopping for seasonal fashion trends. The Crossroads Carmel has various vendors offering high-quality outfits in a wide range of styles.

We’re excited to show you some apparel and accessory options that you’re sure to love this spring. Contact us to inquire about our shops, hours, events, and more.