The Best Pet Services to Prepare for Take Your Dog to Work Day

With American pet owners spending on average over $1,300 annually on pet services for their dogs, it’s no wonder we’re excited to bring our furry companions everywhere with us.

There’s a bit to do to prepare your dog before June 25th rolls around–from making sure they’re healthy and well trained to getting their coat looking shiny and healthy. Thankfully, you can access everything you need right here in Carmel.

Read on for a handy checklist of essential pet prep for any day you want to take your pet into your office.

Food: Key to a Dog’s Heart

Keep your canine calm by keeping them full. If they’re focused on the treats, they can’t get up to too much mischief around the office.

Treats That Tempt

For almost every doggo in the world, food is the way to their heart. That’s why expert trainers most often recommend treats as a training tool. Treats come in handy for pets at work in several ways.

If others in the office are feeding your dog “people food,” you can offer them a handful of healthy dog-approved gourmet snacks to dish out instead–like those provided by The Crossroads Carmel’s very own Pet Food Express.

Treats are also great for taming a misbehaving pooch. If you don’t already have one, get your hands on a clip-on treat training pouch. They come in so many designs that you could even coordinate it with your office look.

Plan Meal Times in Advance

Sure, Take Your Dog to Work Day is just one day. But it’s a day that’s very different from your pet’s usual routine.

A little planning goes a long way to ensure your precious pup’s mental and physical wellbeing when you have your dog at work.

In the lead-up to their office visit, feed your puppy regular, high-quality meals. You don’t want any mishaps at the office due to an upset stomach. Make sure you continue their typical food and schedule on the day, too.

We recommend bringing treats along, but be sure to limit how much your dog eats.

Keep It Classy, Canines

You want your dog to be as well-kitted-out as you on the day they visit the office. Good grooming means less fur and less mess for your colleagues to complain about.

Grooming Essentials

Fur-care specialists from Suds ’n Scissors recommend monthly trips to the groomer for curly and long hair breeds. They won’t just brush your dog – they’ll wash their fur, clear their ears and eyes, check their paws and trim their nails, and clip them where necessary.

Always check if you have any colleagues in the office that are allergic to dogs. If you have a hypoallergenic dog breed, you’re in luck! But otherwise, a thorough grooming session at least a few days before you bring your pet to work will help reduce that sneeze-inducing (in some people) dander.

Cute Colors and Cuts

If you want to garner those “oooohs” and “ahhhhs” from your desk buddies, go for an exotic cut.

Poodles look adorable in a teddy bear or puppy cut. Gift your Shih Tzu or Yorkie a cute top knot. And almost all dogs will suit a fur-flattering kennel cut.

Why not get creative and dye your pup’s coat with your company’s colors–using pet-approved, non-toxic dyes, of course. Or get your skilled doggie aesthetician to trim the organization’s logo into your dog’s fur?

The sky’s the limit with the ways you can transform your furry friend.

A Healthy Pup Is a Happy Pup

Take some time before the big day to make sure your fur child is healthy and well trained. Your dog and your colleagues will thank you.

Book a General Health Check

Book a routine health check a week or two before taking your pet to the office. This way, you can be sure they are at their best when you show them off to your colleagues.

During a wellness check at an award-winning clinic like The Animal Hospital at the Crossroads, your veterinarian will perform a thorough physical exam and ask you some questions about your precious pet’s lifestyle, diet, and behavior. They’ll weigh your pup and offer advice on weight management, parasite control, and dental care.

Check up on your best friend’s vaccination schedule, too. While you may be a responsible puppy parent, other dog owners may not be so vigilant.

It’s essential to consult with your veterinarian about which vaccines they advise. There may be some shots specific to your area or mandated by the state, or your dog may need a different schedule based on specific lifestyle, age, and health concerns.

Schooling Your Pup

Does your dog get nervous around new people? Or perhaps he barks when he meets other dogs? If your pup has some not-so-perfect behavior issues, it’s best to work on training them away before there’s a dog at the office.

Once again, ask your vet about training services in your neighborhood. Alternatively, they may have an animal behaviorist on staff that you can consult.

Focus on developing good manners like going to their bed, not jumping on people, and potty training. Make sure they know all their essential commands, too.

Meet the Pets of The Crossroads Carmel

Now let’s meet some of the wonderful pets that come to work regularly at The Crossroads Carmel!

Tango, cavapooch | Owner: Vicki Warner, The Hearth Shop

Tango, who is part Cavalier, Bijon, and Poodle likes to sleep under Vicki’s desk when he’s not busy greeting customers. He’s been at the shop since he was

8 weeks old! Fun fact: Tango was one of the dogs featured on a US Open video about dogs on Carmel Beach. We think he’s picture perfect!



Zoi, German-Australian-Shepard mix with Rotty | Owner: Brad Weber, Weber Goldsmith Gallery

Zoi may have aspirations to be a security dog for the jewelry store, but she’s currently more interested in giving clients lots of sweet kisses! Zoi comes to work with Brad nearly every day and has been featured in the “Working Dogs” section of the Carmel Magazine.




Kayla, Cockatoo | Owner: Lori Sullivan, Hayward Lumber/Score

It’s not just about the dogs at The Crossroads Carmel! Lori adopted Kayla from the SPCA for Monterey County. Kayla is very outspoken and not only shouts “I LOVE YOU” to Lori, but she can also mimic voices and likes to tease other pets by mimicking commands.



Chuey | Owner: Ash Shoukry, The Big Squeezy

Chuey’s a regular at The Big Squeezy and he has quite an impressive resume: he “helped” open the store!





Gaia, Bernese Mountain Dog | Owner: Kristen McIntyre, McIntyre Family Wines

Gaia may only be 4 months old, but she’s a beautiful, sassy, and shy girl who likes to help pack wine (and destroy the empty boxes once the job is done). She’s still getting used to being in the Tasting Studio and meeting new people, but when she’s not sleeping behind the bar, she loves to come around for treats!

Prepare Your Pup With Carmel’s Best Pet Services

With Carmel’s top-quality pet services at your doorstep, you have your dog’s health, behavior, and stomach sorted. All you need to do now is check with your workplace to see if they have workplace dog policies.

If you have a lot of dog owners participating in Take Your Dog to Work Day, talk to your boss about ways to commemorate the day, too.

If you’re not sure what pet services The Crossroads Carmel offers, don’t be shy to drop us a line. We’re here to help our community, including all those precious pups, thrive.