Interview with Jondy Lee

Carmel Medical Supplies offers a wide range of quality home medical and health care equipment including wheelchairs, walking aids, scooters, assistive furniture, bath safety equipment, and more. Our priority is excellent customer service.  Our  goal is meeting your every medical supply need. 

Phone: (831) 574-3339


Tell us about yourself and your business.

My name is Jondy Lee and I have been helping people find the medical products best suited to their needs for over 15 years.  I realized early on that I was passionate about helping people navigate the confusing world of medical devices.  For me it’s the best feeling in the world to see people’s faces light up when they regain some of their independence, or when the brace or support I recommended helps alleviate their pain.  I work hard every day to make this the best one-stop medical supply shop in the county.


What inspired you to open your store at The Crossroads Carmel?

Actually, I had hoped to be lucky enough to open my second or third store in Carmel.  But after meeting with the Crossroads team and talking about my business, I realized this would be the perfect place to open my first store. I am forever grateful to The Crossroads for taking the time to listen to me and help make my dream a reality.  Meeting my wonderful neighbors here made me realize this is home.  I appreciate all the kindness and support they’ve shown me, and it’s so nice to have people pop in every day to see how I’m doing.  Now I can’t imagine having opened up anywhere else.  I feel blessed every day to be here.


How does your business connect to the Carmel community?

I feel giving back is the best way to connect with the people in our community.

I grew up in a missionary family in Asia.  My parents relied on the kindness and donations of others when it came to paying bills and putting food on the table, so I always knew giving back would be a big part of whatever career I chose.

Thankfully, I was able to help when the pandemic hit by donating masks, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies to local charities and nonprofits doing their best to safely keep their services available to our community.


What do you love about Carmel?

The people. I have been around the world and back again, and the place I will always consider home is where neighbors are like extended family.


What is your most popular service?

I make sure to clean customers’ credit and debit cards with an alcohol prep pad before returning them.  I get a lot of ‘thank yous’ and surprised reactions that I take the time.  Some people say it’s the first time anyone has cleaned their card after handling it, and they really appreciate it.


What are some products you recommend for gifting this holiday season?

The three-layer masks that I carry are popular stocking stuffers. These are the best fashion masks I’ve seen, and are hand sewn by a local designer who takes great pride in her work.  The Christmas themed masks are going fast so stop by and get yours before they’re gone.


Any advice for people navigating this crazy time in our lives?

Be kind to yourself.  I know we are thoughtful of others because I see little acts of kindness happen every day in our little shopping village–people buying a mask for an elderly neighbor who can’t afford one or even picking up groceries for those who can’t leave home.  In times of crisis, kindness to others shines brightly in our little community, but sometimes we forget to be kind to ourselves.

I am guilty of this myself.  Right now, I’m working on accepting that I may not have done everything perfectly with my new business in its first year.  Sometimes it’s easier to wallow in self-pity over your failures with a pint of Rocky Road ice cream than it is to forgive yourself and focus on what’s next.


Anything else you would like to share?

Thank you all for being so warm and welcoming, it really means the world to me to be a member of this cozy little community.  Not everyone is lucky enough to be part of something this special.  Merry Christmas!