Girl’s Day at The Crossroad Carmel: Girls Just Want to Have Fun and Talk!

According to scientific research, making time to hang out with your girlfriends at least twice a week has a positive impact on your overall health. That’s right – hanging out with your best girlfriends counts as a healthy activity! That’s why a girl’s day at The Crossroads Carmel is just what the doctor ordered. When you grab your girls and head out for a day of talking, shopping, and fun, you can find it all in one place at The Crossroads. Whether you and your girls want to chat over delicious meals, attend a pilates class together, run errands together, or simply shop till you drop, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re planning a girl’s day soon and want to get the most out of your day at The Crossroads, but you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our best suggestions on how to plan your girl’s day and what activities you’ll likely love!

Start With a Pick-Me-Up

Getting together with your girls means catching up, cracking jokes, and enjoying yourself. Naturally, you’re going to want to kick off the day with a big cup of coffee for everyone! Carmel Valley Coffee Roasting Co is the perfect first stop for girl’s day. Everyone can grab a tasty caffeinated drink, treat, or breakfast. Choose between classics like an americano and sweeter options like a white mocha or chai latte. You can also indulge in their selection of pastries, like flavored croissants, morning buns, and New York coffee cake. Breakfast options range from hearty and savory to light and fresh, like a quiche of the day or warm oatmeal. Grab your drinks and treats and enjoy yourselves on the outdoor garden patio.

Work Out While You Catch Up

Nothing bonds us closer to our friends than grinding and working out together! You might not want to partake in something too difficult, after all this isn’t a trip to the gym, but something like a pilates class is perfect to kick off your girl’s day. According to the CDC, working out with a friend is more beneficial than working out alone. It’s more fun, you’ll be more motivated to keep going, and you’re most likely to try new or adventurous workouts when you’re with your friends.  Carmel Pilates and Personal Training is the perfect place for you and your girls to get your fitness on. They offer beginner and advanced classes so you can have a more relaxing workout or get your sweat on, either way, you can enjoy the benefits of Pilates together!

Next Is New Nails

After working out, you all deserve to treat yourselves to a little glamor. Make your next stop O Nails & Beauty where you can all indulge in a manicure or pedicure. You and your girls can pick out your favorite colors or designs and relax while your nails get a makeover. You can even get the same color to match!

Not feeling like a manicure? No problem, O offers plenty of other services too. They offer spray tans, eyelash extensions, make-up application, waxing services, and are a full-service hair salon. You can get all these services in the relaxing and peaceful O environment. There’s no better way to pamper yourself than in a relaxing place with your best friends.

Refreshing Treats to Drink and Eat

After working out and beautifying yourselves, you’ll likely have worked up an appetite for a snack. Time to make a stop at The Big Squeezy for some cold-pressed juices! The Big Squeezy is dedicated to juicing with ingredients from local, sustainable farms that source the highest quality ingredients. They prepare fresh juices on the premises and also specialize in smoothies, acai bowls, almond milk, and shaved ice, so there’s something for everyone.  For a tasty but healthy sweet treat to go with your juice, stop by MYO Pure Frozen Yogurt. Yogurt is a great substitute for ice cream, as it is packed with live and active cultures, probiotics, and calcium, and is even kosher certified. Their yogurt flavors often vary, but they will always have tried and true staple flavors like vanilla, tart, chocolate, a no-sugar-added option, and a dairy-free option. They also have all the best toppings and sauces to choose from. Go for fresh fruit and granola toppings as a light option or opt for chocolate and caramel for something more decadent.

For other options, there are many restaurants and quick-bite shops to choose from at The Crossroads.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

No girl’s trip is complete without shopping! There are so many stores to choose from that you and your friends may have trouble deciding where to go first! If it’s jewelry that calls to you, check out stores like European Jewelers or Weber Goldsmith Gallery. For the newest clothing styles, European fashion, and high-end designs, check out stores like She and Debra C. There are also plenty of stores for any accessories you need. Tops N Travel sells the most luxurious leather travel bags while Treadmill offers a wide array of workout and sportswear shoes to choose from.

Rest and Relax Together

Finally, what better way to end your girl’s day of pampering and shopping than in a spa? Stop by Remedy Spa for a rejuvenating experience to top off your fun-filled day. This wellness and medical spa offers skin and body services for rejuvenation, relaxation,  and beautification. Try their float spa, where you can float undisturbed in a weightless environment to reset and relax your body and mind. You can also treat yourselves to a Hydra Facial, which promotes the long-term health of your skin while removing dead skin cells and getting rid of contaminants. Whatever you and your friends choose, you’ll have fun while winding down at Remedy Spa.

Plan Your Girls Day at the Crossroads Carmel Today

Now you know all the best ideas for your next girls day at The Crossroads Carmel! These are simply a few suggestions so that you get the most out of your visit, but there are so many more options and shops to choose from.

Check out our directory to start planning your next girls day today!