the crossroads bbq burnt ends

Feature: Eric Ingram of The Crossroads BBQ

Eric Ingram, a member of the family that owns Crossroads BBQ, knows everything there is to know about great BBQ and what it takes to run a longstanding restaurant. Read on to discover what’s made him (and our favorite BBQ joint) successful and what he will never compromise on. 


Eric Ingram

What has been your greatest success? 

I’d say my biggest achievement is building a restaurant that people love and visit again and again. My family, team, and I have put in a lot of hard work, creativity, and dedication to make sure our food, service, and atmosphere are exceptional. Plus, seeing our team happy, growing, and thriving is just as important to me.


What will you never compromise on with your business? 

For me, it’s all about ethics. Business ethics are super important, and I’ll never compromise on values like honesty, fairness, and respect for our crew. Even if it means sacrificing profits or missing out on a business opportunity, it’s important to uphold these principles to create a strong, ethical, and successful business that benefits everyone.

How does your business look different now vs. when you first started? 

Back in the day, it was just me and my family running a small, single restaurant. We did everything from cooking and serving to accounting and marketing. As we grew, we needed to bring on more team members to help with the workload. We’ve been able to build a strong, competent, and reliable team of managers, cooks, servers, and support staff.

What qualities do you think every entrepreneur should possess?

Being an entrepreneur takes a certain set of skills and qualities. Things like passion, creativity, resilience, adaptability, risk-taking, and leadership are all important. Some people might have these qualities naturally, while others can develop them through experience and learning. But having a combination of these traits can definitely help you succeed as an entrepreneur.


What can we look forward to seeing at Crossroads BBQ?

We finally brought on one of the most requested dishes to our menu: burnt ends! It’s been requested by many of our regulars, and is something we are truly excited to share. They are juicy chunks of smoked brisket that are beautifully caramelized. As a limited special they will make occasional appearances throughout the week. I know they are going to be a favorite dish for many of our guests.




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the crossroads bbq burnt ends