Discover a Whimsical Stationery Store in Carmel

Nestled within the charming ambiance of The Crossroads Carmel, there exists a hidden gem that caters to aficionados of all things stationery. Spencers Stationery, a delightful haven for paper, pens, and writing wonders, preserves the art of letter writing and promises to brighten your day with its unique selection of cards and notebooks. Meet Kathy and her husband Bill, the dynamic duo who became the new custodians of this beloved stationery store just last year.


Their journey as stationery enthusiasts began when Kathy and her husband acquired Spencers from its previous owners. This cherished store, which has been an integral part of the community for years, embarked on an exciting new chapter under their stewardship. When asked about their greatest achievement, Kathy proudly states, “Our greatest success is in upholding tradition. We’re thrilled to witness loyal customers supporting us in this new phase of the store.” It’s evident that the spirit of Spencers thrives under their care.


Running a small business presents its share of challenges, and Kathy is candid about the learning curve. “We’re continuously learning,” she admits. “There’s no specific instance that stands out.” Nevertheless, their dedication shines through in their work. The new owners have worked diligently to maintain the inviting atmosphere that customers have come to love. Kathy describes their approach as “preserving the charm of the previous owners while infusing our unique twist.” This combination of continuity and innovation adds a touch of excitement to every visit.


Entrepreneurship often demands long hours and multi-faceted roles, and Kathy is no stranger to these challenges. “The hours required for success are long,” she acknowledges when discussing the toughest part of running a business. Their unwavering commitment keeps Spencers thriving as a hub for stationery enthusiasts. Kathy’s motivation to show up for work is simple yet profound. “We love our job and the interactions with our colleagues and customers,” she shares, highlighting the camaraderie and warmth at Spencers.


When it comes to the qualities every entrepreneur should possess, Kathy emphasizes “dedication.” This unwavering commitment fuels their entrepreneurial spirit. For those embarking on their entrepreneurial journey, Kathy offers valuable advice: “Be certain and confident in your path, and surround yourself with a capable team.” It’s a recipe for success that has proven effective for Spencers Stationery.

Quality is a non-negotiable aspect of their business and deeply ingrained in the essence of Spencers. Kathy firmly asserts that they will never compromise on it. For Kathy, success is simply defined as “happiness.” The joy of sharing the world of stationery with the community radiates from every corner of the store. Kathy acknowledges that a good leader is even more effective with a strong team. “A good team,” she says, “is the cornerstone of leadership,” a testament to the collaborative spirit at Spencers.


When asked about any regrets or changes they’d make in their business journey, Kathy’s response is unequivocal: “Nothing.” Every step, challenge, and success has led them to where they stand today, and they wouldn’t alter a thing. 


Whether you seek the perfect stationery for a heartfelt letter, a unique greeting card for a special occasion, or simply wish to immerse yourself in the delightful ambiance of a stationery wonderland, don’t miss the chance to visit Kathy and Bill at Spencers Stationery. Their dedication, love for their craft, and commitment to quality define this whimsical stationery store in the heart of The Crossroads Carmel.