Introducing Pedego eBike Tours and Rentals in Carmel, CA

Rated a top outdoor activity in Pacific Grove by TripAdvisor, Pedego Carmel aka Big Sur Adventures offers guided bike tours of the peninsula’s most cherished sites and vistas. With options for all skill levels, Pedego Carmel in The Crossroads Carmel truly has something for everyone. 

Tours traverse 17-Mile Drive, Monterey, Carmel and more. In this interview with Pedego Carmel’s Joaquin Sullivan, we learn about some of their specials, their equipment and what they love to hear from clients. 

Where’s your favorite place to take clients?

Our favorite ride from the Crossroads is into Carmel past the Comstock Cottages and then along Scenic Road in Carmel. A favorite addition to this is exploring Point Lobos…just 2 miles down Highway 1. Though we canʼt do guided tours in Point Lobos, we can bring guests to the entrance. 

With the eBikes, people can zip right in when the parking is full….getting everyone to the best trailheads in minutes. 

With few cars and a 15 mph speed limit, we can ride side-by-side here, just taking in the beauty. This is my personal favorite place to explore! (Weʼre putting together a guided tour app to guide guests through Carmel and Point Lobos.) 

What’s included with the “Big Little Lies” tour? 

Our Big Little Lies Tour explores from Kissing Rock on Ocean View Blvd in Pacific Grove to Del Monte Beach in Monterey, pointing out various filming locations and taking a brief jaunt down Del Monte Beach if the tides are right. 

Weʼre planning to rebrand this as “Coastal Monterey Tour” now that the show hasnʼt been airing for a while. We share lots about the history and local wildlife, too. 

How do you prioritize safety during these excursions? 

We do an extensive instructional and safety briefing before each tour. Any guest who seems “wobbly” or expresses concern, we offer a full refund immediately. The last thing we want is someone heading out because they paid for a tour and feel obligated. 

We have planned our tour routes to avoid as much traffic as possible, starting out in areas where bikes are separated from cars. We like guests to be comfortable with the bikes before riding more “challenging” sections. 

We start out slow and increase speed as everyone gets settled in. But thereʼs no need to ride anywhere fast, so we stick at the pace of the slowest rider. Our guest to guide ratio is 6-to-1 on remote rides (such as the Old Coast Road Tour) and 1-to-21 on those close to the shop. 

We always have someone on standby in the shop in case of a bike malfunction (such as a flat tire). On remote rides (Big Sur) our guides carry satellite communications. To date weʼve never needed to use our satellite communications, but it definitely puts everyone at ease! 

What kind of bike do you ride?

For the Old Coast Road Tour we use fat-tire bikes: Pedego Trail Trackers & Pedego Elements

For Carmel & 17-Mile Drive Tours, we go for comfort: Pedego Comfort Cruisers & Interceptors

What’s the best compliment someone can give you? 

“This was the highlight of our trip to California.” (We get that a lot.) 

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